Welcome To The #30DayHairDetox

Thank you for joining us and we hope that this course is beneficial along your natural hair journey. This course is not an instant fix, pat solution that will tell you step by step what to do with your hair. It is an art and science based course that gives you the building blocks to understand your unique situation and make care decisions based on solid information.

Prior to making any product purchasing decisions please be sure to finish and understand Modules 1 & 2. Also please don't forget to join the Private Group where we do all of our troubleshooting and product discussion.

Although we have made this video available to preview, access to the FB Private group is ONLY for those who have paid for the full course. If you are fully enrolled please request membership here https://www.facebook.com/groups/30dayhairdetox/. Please email [email protected] if your FB name is different that the name you enrolled under.